Chapluk Performance Training

Developed as a result of lifelong athletics, Chapluk Performance is focused on helping athletes reach their goals and excel in both their sport and their lives. Being team oriented for so long, we have become accustomed to a family like environment, and that same environment is used within both Chapluk Performance and Third Eye as a whole.

Services Offered

Online Performance Training

(All online services include 24/7 consultation through my personal cell line)

  • Fitness Training- We offer online training services through a program called Trainerize. Online fitness plans are made monthly, programmed specifically for each individual! No matter what your goals are, we can knock them out one by one!

Face to Face Training

  • Private Training is available within a 30-mile radius of Anaheim, California. This includes fitness testing (metrics involved- Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, VO2 Estimation).
    • All my programs are tailored specifically to the individual and their goals.



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