Wo(man) to Machine Project: Machine

Machine: an apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions, used in the performance of some kind of work:


The whole point of this Woman to Machine project is to turn me into a well-oiled machine and bring you on the journey . . . through my wins and fuck-ups along the way.


A machine is made up of a bunch of different parts that have their own functions but come together to make one device that performs a specific task. I like to think of myself as a machine; body, mind, business (production)  and relationships are all parts that make up a Little Miss Gains. I have learned recently that if one of these parts isn’t functioning properly it throws off the whole operation. If physically I’m doing what I’m supposed to, working out and feeding myself properly, and mentally I am taking time out for myself, learning new things, meditating, networking etc. . . but a relationship in my life is stressing me out or causing unnecessary drama, things just don’t run as smoothly. It’s like having an iPhone 6 with one of those recalled batteries. It still makes phone calls, sends texts, and checks Instagram but dragging around a phone charger everywhere you go is annoying (TRUST ME, I know).


If one part of your machine isn’t functioning properly it doesn’t matter how well the other parts are working, the task just isn’t going to get done the way it should. This is why I have recently started looking at myself as a machine. To reach my fullest potential and be the best Little Miss Gains I can be I have to make sure every individual part that makes up my machine is functioning optimally; Not just one part or even three, every part of my machine has to be doing its job in order for me to become the well-oiled machine I am striving to become. So not only am I striving for optimal performance in the gym, but in relationships, business, and mentally as well.


Blue skies and tailwinds,

Sierra (AKA Little Miss Gains)  

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