Wo(man) to Machine Project: Passion (AKA Relationships)

Reading Sean Whalen’s book, How To Make SH*T Happen, introduced me to the “Core 4”. The Core 4 is a roadmap for your life. Basically, there are four core things areas you should focus on every single day, nothing more nothing less. One of the core values is Passion, aka relationships, which is what I want to talk to you about today.


When I say “relationships” I don’t just mean your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, I mean every relationship in your life. Goal oriented and ambitious people tend to put these on the back burner from time to time. Not because they don’t care to text back or they think they are too good to make time for people.  They just get so consumed in chipping away at their goals day after day they forget to make time for anything else. I know this is a problem I have been working on lately. I don’t necessarily think I am lacking when it comes to in-person interactions; my biggest weakness is communication when I’m not in the same vicinity as someone.


I tend to procrastinate texting people back or even opening my text messages (I have a reputation when it comes to being the worst texter on the planet).


“If you want to get ahold of her pick up the phone and call her. If you text her you won’t hear back, that’s just how she is.” – Everyone that knows me.


I’ve been owning that reputation for quite some time. I would always just reply with, “ I hate texting”, “I don’t have time”, “just call me”, . . . etc. A week or two ago Ethan, my partner in Third Eye Performance ( you already know that), and I started talking about focusing on our weaknesses. It hit the both of us pretty hard, we had been focusing on strengthening our strong points and running from or ignoring our weaknesses. We decided to take extreme ownership (thanks, Jocko) and pick a few weaknesses we have collectively as a company and person to work on. One of my weaknesses I’ve decided to work on is communication. More specifically communication when it comes to people I care about. “I’m too busy” and “ I hate texting” are bullshit excuses that allow me to neglect and accept my weakness as a defining character trait. In reality, all I have to do is pick up the phone and shoot a quick “Have a great day.” text to get rid of my reputation as a terrible communicator.


Now yes, I freaking love phone calls (If you want to make my day, pick up your phone and call me just to say hello), but I can take one minute out of my day to make sure the important people in my life know I care about them. It’s as simple as sending a quick text, even if you’re like me and have to put a reminder on your phone to do so. When you’re at the grocery store by your mom flowers, an extra $10 won’t break your bank and it will make her day. Just because you’re busy or you hate picking up your phone take the extra few minutes to make sure you take care of your relationships. Make sure the people you care about know that you care. I don’t care how much you have going on everyday put at least one thing into each of your core 4, relationships being one of them.


Blue Skies and tailwinds,

Sierra (AKA: Little Miss Gains)

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