Chapluk Performance: Deep Ownership

One of our company core values is Extreme Ownership. Why? Well, as you have probably seen is past blogs, it is a principle that has changed our lives and business for the better. The ability to take ownership of everything that happens within your organization gives you control over your own success and failure. No excuses, no playing the blame game. If a failure or shortcoming is apparent, you take ownership, find a solution, move forward and absolutely crush it.

Now, what if I told you it was applicable to much more than business or sports? Would you agree? You should!

I had a lovely revelation today while driving; blasting music, windows down on a beautiful California day and I was in a fantastic mood. Nothing particularly spectacular had happened throughout the day. In fact, I took a really tough test in the early AM. Why was I in such an awesome mood then? Because I own that shit. I have taken ownership of nearly every aspect of my life and taken direct control as a result.

Try it, I dare you. Don’t succumb to outside bullshit. Just own your day, own your mood, and it is going to be a much better day. It isn’t automatic. You’ll have to play some mental tennis with yourself: your mind serves up a negative thought? Return that shit with positivity and keep doing so until the negatives subside. It works.

You own your life. Grab it by the reigns and take responsibility for it!

Any questions about this? Leave a comment or shoot us an email at . ALWAYS happy to help any of our readers understand the concepts and make a positive change in their lives.

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