Chapluk Performance: Build the Life You Dream Of

As of lately, I have posted a lot of conceptual content in regards to practices that I feel are conducive in regards to finding success. While I do feel this content is very important to discuss and expand upon, I want to share a personal experience that reaffirmed my faith in one of those concepts, the Law of Attraction.

A basic recap for you, the Law of Attraction is simple to understand; it is the belief that by focusing on thoughts, you will eventually cause them to manifest. While it is an easy concept to understand in that context, it also lacks any form of practicality if it is just left as a simple definition. To add to the sense of practicality behind this concept, I will leave you with my recent personal experiences surrounding the Law of Attraction and how I was able to manifest something I had been seeking for a while.

I have my personal office set up on the far side of my bedroom. Nothing too special to anyone but me; it is a nice glass desk, leather chair, monitor on top with a spot set aside on the desk for my laptop. Surrounding me, on the walls, is my personal vision board as well as my immediate weekly goals for my business. Why on the walls in a spot I sit in so often? Constant exposure! I constantly see these things I want, the things I want to achieve, my goals and dreams.

Why is the exposure so important? It hones my focus; rather than focusing on the mundane or distracting, I focus on my end goals, intermediate goals, and short-term goals. My thoughts are intently focused on the things I want to achieve for hours of every single day.

That is Step 1. Step 2 is the part most people leave without hearing. You need to take steps towards those goals. Find something that you can do that will move you incrementally closer to that goal. In order to do that, you may need to think more deeply about the goal and identify the key points involved in accomplishing that goal. I will use my recent success as an example of this.

I wanted to find more like-minded people to collaborate with, bounce ideas off of, and grow with. There is a common concept that you are the culmination of the 5 closest people in your life. With this in mind, I wanted to set out to find some individuals who fit this description. So next, I needed to identify those key points in accomplishing the goal.

1) I needed to define what I was looking for; driven, self-motivated individuals with a desire to provide value to as many people as possible while also building the lives that they desire.

2) Take steps towards finding those people. For this step, I used my social media platforms. I followed various people who represented those core values identified before, then looked for others near me who do much of the same.

It took time and focus on reaching the goal, but within a month’s time, I was meeting with another value-driven, intrinsically motivated entrepreneur with very similar goals and values. It resulted in a conversation that led me to be even more excited and more driven in accomplishing my other goals in life.

The Law of Attraction works. It is not magic, it is an actionable concept that can help you lead the life you want to live.

For a GREAT Podcast on this very concept, go listen to “Hustle, Believe, Recieve” on Ed Mylett’s Podcast (thank you to my entrepreneur buddy for recommending this one). He features author Sarah Centrella on the podcast who discusses her best selling book which provides actionable steps in creating a better life for one’s self and families.

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