Wo(MAN) to Machine Project: AMRAP Meltality

I was listening to Tim Ferris’s podcast with Jason Khalipa and they brought up the topic of the “AMRAP  Mentality. For those of you who don’t know who Jason is, he has competed in the Crossfit Games 8 times, he is the owner of  NC Fit, and is an amazing husband and father from the looks of it; just an all-around badass. Jason came up with what is called the “ AMRAP Mentality” when he realized he was spreading himself too thin from being a competitor to a businessman to a husband. As I was listening to him talk about this I related so much to what he was saying, as I’m sure you can too. It’s extremely hard, especially nowadays with everything that is trying to grab at our attention, to really focus on the task at hand and give it you’re all.

During an AMRAP in CrossFit, you have a certain amount of time to complete as many rounds or reps as you possibly can, whether that be a single exercise or a circuit. In that time frame, your only focus is that exercise; the only thing on your mind is giving everything you’ve got to the task at hand. This concept can be transferred to life outside of the gym. The goal of the AMRAP Mentality is to give everything you have to what you’re doing and being present in the moment no matter what you have to do next. This means, for me, when I am writing blog posts or creating a workout split for a client I am not on my phone every five minutes or thinking of the next thing I have to do that day. I am putting all my effort into the task at hand. This goes for when I am spending time with my family or a close friend as well. If I am implementing the AMRAP Mentality I will make sure that my mind is not wandering off as I’m having a conversation with a someone I care about and I’m not scheduling a meeting with Ethan while having dinner with my family. It means I am giving the people I’m around my undivided attention when I have the opportunity to spend time with them.

The last thing Jason mentioned about the AMRAP mentality was checking in with yourself after you’ve completed the task. In CrossFit, after you finish an AMRAP, you write your score on the board next to everyone else’s so you can see how much you need to improve to win and the progress you’ve made since the last time you did that workout. Just like in the gym, after you complete whatever you were doing make sure you write your “score” on your board. Ask yourself “did I do everything I could to win?”. If you did, great. If you could have given more of yourself to whatever you were doing make a mental note of it and check your progress the next time.  For me, implementing the AMRAP mentality has become a focus of mine so that no matter what the task at hand is I am giving it my all.  


Blue skies and tailwinds,

Sierra (AKA, Little Miss Gains)

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