Chapluk Performance: How Important is Mindset?

I find it extraordinarily ironic how many individuals who talk about being interested in improving themselves will undervalue the power of the mind. Working out to get healthier makes perfect sense to them (as it should), but apply the same principle to developing a positive mindset and working on the mental side of personal development? “Nah man, that stuff is cheesy”.

Why do we assume that the mind does not need work just as much (definitely more) than the body? Why would we not work extremely hard to make sure that the thing that guides all of our decisions is in top shape?

It goes right back to the mental bias that has been formed within our culture. People are unwilling to talk about the issues of the mind because they are “abstract” rather than “real”, simply because we cannot physically see these ailments or issues. This is an unfortunate irony in the sense that a poor mindset can have a huge outcome on physical health.

Those who are depressed, stressed, and anxious will generally be sick much more than those who have a healthy mind. In a similar manner, upon the development of an ailment, they will take much longer to recover generally. These conditions also lessen your drive to improve, social desires, etc.

So when the mind has the power to create so many big issues for an individual, why brush it under the carpet and pretend everything is fine.? We shouldn’t! Here are two things to keep in mind when it comes to mindfulness.

  1. Be honest with those around you. If you are having a shit day, say so. If you have an issue with someone, confront them. There is no use in bottling shit up for the sake of making others more comfortable. Your health and wellbeing is just as important as theirs. Stop selling yourself short.
  2. Work on yourself. Read books, listen to podcasts, study those who inspire you. The more you work your mind, the stronger and more resilient it will get. Fill it with awesome, positive, inspiring content and you will become a reflection of all this new knowledge.

Going from a poor mindset to one of positivity is difficult. But like all difficult things in life, it is immensely rewarding and will help in all aspects of life.

Stay disciplined and keep kicking ass.


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