Keep Flying MVT: Growth and Goodbyes

As I was trying hard to not fall out of “boat pose” my yoga instructor started to talk about growth. More specifically how goodbyes are a good indication of growth. This got me thinking about how many goodbyes I’ve had in my life, especially recently. If I had to sum up last year in a few words I would say it was one big goodbye. It seems like every week I was letting go of something that wasn’t meant to be in my life anymore. Looking back to where I was January 2017 and comparing it to now is the biggest indicator to me that my yoga instructor was absolutely right.

I find that the more I grow as a person the more things I start to realize don’t serve me anymore; Whether that be people, habits, or anything I choose to give my energy to. It’s not that I have any animosity towards them, I’ve just grown out of them. Sometimes times the goodbyes are hard and sometimes I am ready for them but regardless of how I feel during the goodbye I know coming out the other side, I will always be better.

You can’t be afraid to let go of things that don’t serve you anymore. If something or someone is holding you back or, to take it a step farther, not moving you forward and helping you grow you can’t be afraid to let it go. Goodbyes aren’t always bad because they are a really good indicator of growth (which is always great).

When you let go of whatever is holding you back you are making room for something better. When one door closes another one will always open. Which is exciting right? So embrace goodbyes, welcome growth, and try yoga. . . because it’s harder than you think and sometimes your yoga instructor will drop some knowledge on you while your abs are burning.


Blue skies and tailwinds,

  • Sierra (AKA: Little Miss Gains)

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