Keep Flying MVT: Be Present

These days there are so many distractions and things pulling us in different directions we can easily become blinded by it all. Think about how many times you look down at your phone in a day or how far your mind wanders off thinking of all the things you have to get done. It’s crazy when you really take a second and think about all the times when your body is one place but your mind is somewhere completely different and how often it really happens.

I just recently started to really notice how out of touch I can get with the present moment when I am stressed, or busy. I started noticing it so much it kind of freaked me out. Since this realization, I’ve been working on finding ways to be more present and less distracted. One of the big ones was making a “Power List” every day and setting a time I have to complete it by; I’m still working on this discipline but the more organized and efficient I become the less stressed and anxious I get. Another HUGE help for me is having a slow morning. Before I look at my phone or respond to emails or start my power list I will take a couple hours early in the morning to read, journal, have my coffee and breakfast, and listen to a podcast. Having the morning to myself before getting bombarded with distractions and tasks to complete is a GAME CHANGER! Along with setting aside some time for myself in the mornings before getting to work, I make sure I set aside one day to unwind, be present, and recharge for the next week. Making time for yourself is so important when it comes to being present and grateful for NOW.

Take a minute to really think about the last time you were completely present in a moment, remember how great that felt, and try to feel that way more often than not. It might seem like an easy thing to do but with everything else tugging at your attention it is harder than it seems. Maybe my strategies won’t work for you but I strongly encourage you to figure out what does work. Then make a habit of doing that! I promise the more often you can be in the moment and out of your heads the happier you will be.

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