Chapluk Performance: The Power of Perspective

For just about every year of my education, I have always loved the breaks and hated the return to classes. It was always with a sense of dread that I returned to classes; forcing myself to get back in the classroom. I would force myself to read the material with little passion for actually learning it. When finals came about, I would force myself to study hard so I could pull good grades. It was just all so…. robotic.

This past year of my life has been one of soul searching, which has led to significant changes. I really had to take a deep look at myself and figure out what I truly wanted. None of the bullshit “you know… a nice job that pays 6 figures would be cool… I could get a nice car and a decent house… just put up with something for the money.”. Nah, I was done selling myself short. No more white lies to myself and no more doing what felt safe or what I was supposed to do.

The introspective look gave me a brand new perspective and essentially served as one big paradigm shift in my life. Just the decision alone, that I would stop telling myself lies, led to an instant shift in my passion and direction alike. I was able to commit to a major that interested me more. I was able to take my current job more seriously because I saw the value it added. Most importantly, I was able to work on developing myself and the skills necessary to shape the life I will be truly excited about living in the here and now.

Don’t waste time on white lies, get real with yourself, get excited, and chase after your passions. I can tell you from first-hand experience, it’s worth the discomfort.

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