Woman to Machine Project: Healthy Habit- Sauna

Like I said, throughout this project, one of my main focuses is creating healthy habits to improve performance and overall health. One of the habits I want to create is sitting in the sauna for 15-20 minutes 4-6 times a week. I’ll sit in the sauna when I feel like it but not at all enough to take advantage of its benefits.


Health Benefits:


Recovery –

Saunas have been known to help with recovery of muscles after an intense workout. During weight training, running, sprinting, and other taxing activities on your body your muscles tighten up. Heat therapy such as sitting in the sauna after any of these activities will relax the muscles which will decrease soreness and help prevent injury. Saunas also increase blood flow making oxygen more available to muscles. Increasing the amount of oxygen available helps improve muscle function and is a huge factor in recovery.


Cardiovascular Health-

Going to the sauna regularly can help keep your heart healthy. The temperature causes an increase in heart rate which causes your blood circulation to increase. This mimics the circulatory benefits of exercise.


Brain Performance-

Here we go again. . . I know. I’m obsessed.

Sitting in the sauna increases the amount of brain-derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF’s). I know 90% of us see those words in that order and stop reading so let me explain. BDNF’s are little proteins that are encoded by the BDNF gene. The BDNF’s are in the family of Neurotrophins. Another big word, I know, hang tight. Neurotrophins are proteins that are in charge of survival, function, and development of neurons. Neurons are nerve cells. Lets review. Sauna increases the amount of BDNF’s produced in your brain, BDNF’s are part of a family that is in charge of keeping nerve cells alive and well. . . Sitting in the sauna= good for the brain. Producing more BDNF’s increases the growth of new brain cells learning and retention. HOW FREAKIN’ AWESOME.


Blue skies and tailwinds,

Sierra (Aka: Little Miss Gains)

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