Chapluk Performance: The Evolution of an Idea

We all have a plan, an idea, a gameplan, whatever you’d like to call it. The moment it takes shape; sheer excitement. We are hyped, ready to rock and roll, determined to absolutely kick ass in order to make that idea come to fruition.

But when that first bump in the road comes along, 90% of people will convince themselves that it isn’t meant to be. As soon as this decision is made, they immediately turn back to the drawing board and switch up their plan entirely; leaving the first idea to die.

Spoiler alert: if you do this EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU FACE ADVERSITY, you will NEVER have an idea evolve into success. If you think there is a single business out there that went exactly as planned, I can tell you with (almost) complete certainty that it hasn’t happened.

From everything I have learned to this point in my journey, it is clear to me that the biggest opportunities for growth lie just on the opposite side of adversity.

The original plan for my career was far different from the path I am currently on, but with the same ultimate goal in mind; helping others. Over the past few years of contemplation, I have moved from wanting to pursue nursing, to working in biomechanics, to now focusing on building a business based around the holistic approach to improving the lives of others.

While those three examples may seem like me giving up and moving onto the next thing, I assure you it was the exact opposite. The end goal has always been the same: help others. But as my education progressed, I saw more of the world, and came to terms with the true impact I wanted to make, my path shifted time and time again. It has been a formative process that led my initial idea (pursue a career that will help others improve their lives) to a strong, long-term game plan that will satisfy that goal and allow me to live the life I want to live.

Wrapping this up neatly, I’ll leave you with a simple thought. Begin with the end in mind. Brainstorm what you ultimately want to do, and pursue that end goal while being open to changes that may occur along the way. There really is no such thing as a foolproof plan as life tends to get in the way of those, but pursue what you love and go with the flow. Allow your ideas to evolve upon adversity, not die at every bump in the road.


Stay disciplined and kick some ass.


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