Book Review: As a Man Thinketh , James Allen

In As a Man Thinketh James Allen goes in depth on how our thoughts dictate our reality. I think I have literally half of this book highlighted by now.  It is one of those books you read over and over again and find something new every time.

The one thing about this book is it is fairly old. . . so. . . it is almost like reading the bible. Good news is it’s not nearly as long! Allen found a way to pack a ton of value into 39 pages. There’s no room for messing around or beating around the bush in this book so every word counts which I also love. I’d suggest reading it through all the way for the first time but its structured in a way where you can pick the book up, open a random page and read just what you need to read.

This book will help explain how to get control over your thoughts and mind in order to create the life you want. I give “As a Man Thinketh” a 10/10. If you don’t buy it and read it yourself I’ll buy it for you and send it over. It’s only $8. Come one. Prime it. It’s the best $8 you’ll ever spend on Amazon.


Blue skies and tailwinds,

Sierra (AKA: Little Miss Gains)

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