Keep Flying MVT: Excuses Are Like Assholes…

Everyone has an excuse. Excuses . . . excuses. . . excuses. We hear excuses all day, from people close to us, strangers, and most of all ourselves. We’ve all been there. We’re all there every day. Every day we have an excuse for hitting the snooze on our alarm or why we should put off that phone call or why tomorrow will be a really good day to get those last three tasks on your to-do list done.

There will never be a better time to stop making a better time for things you need to do than right now. I know some of you are reading this coming up with 10 different excuses for why you’ll stop making excuses starting tomorrow because right now isn’t a good time. STOP IT. Right now. We all have a little voice in our heads with really valid reasons why we should put off whatever it is we have to do. The key is to hear that voice and give it the middle finger while you use your free hand to take care of business. The difference between successful people and stagnant people is successful people don’t give into the excuses they hear. I’m starting to figure this out the more I progress in business and in life in general; everyone hears excuses, the people that get ahead just ignore them.

Moral of the blog is for you to stop giving into the excuses you tell yourself every day. Excuses are like assholes. Are you going to eat them or let them eat you?

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