Keep Flying MVT: Wo(MAN) to Machine Project

You may or may not know that I was an NPC Bikini competitor. My first show I placed 4th in Open bikini class A (yes I’m short), I completed two competition preps after that show as well but due to health issues was unable to compete. Although I’ve only competed once, going through three preps taught me a lot about the sport of bodybuilding, my body, and discipline required to succeed. As much as I love bodybuilding and getting Shreddy Freddy I’ll be the first to admit that it was one of the most damaging things I’ve done to myself, mentally and physically.

Since fall of 2017, I’ve been trying to get my metabolism, body, and mind healthy again. I am now intuitive eating, training CrossFit 5 days a week along with working on Olympic lifts and getting in some accessory workouts when I have some extra energy. I have been working on mobility, strength, and focusing on my overall health regardless of the number on the scale.  

Today I am starting another 12-week journey but this time not for a show. January 10th, 2018 is the start of my wo(MAN) to Machine project. For the next twelve weeks, my main focus is maintaining strength and lean muscle mass, creating healthy habits I can implement even after the project is done, and increasing mobility and overall physical and mental health. My goal is to turn my body and mind into a well-oiled machine in the gym and outside the gym. I am going to be updating you guys on insta stories and posts,, youtube, and podcast (look out for this within the next couple weeks!).  I can not tell you how excited I am to start this project and share it with you guys. Make sure to keep up with the journey on Instagram: @3rdeyeperformance and youtube (I’ll link videos when they come out).

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