Chapluk Performance: Technology; The Double Edged Sword

Modern advances in technology have made life very easy in many aspects.

While that may seem like it is an awesome thing in all aspects; I beg to differ. Yes, technological advances have been great and improved our lives in a countless number of ways. Yes, in some cases technology is conducive to our overall well being and longevity.

So why then do I offer a concession to the all-glorious benefits of technology? Because we have developed too much of a dependency on it. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here though. I am not blaming technology for our problems. To be honest, I love all the technological advancements I have witnessed in my lifetime. The issue I am trying to bring to light is a problem that lies within the people utilizing all the great technological advances.

As a society, we have become INSANELY sedentary. The World Health Organization’s recommendation for weekly activity is simple and should be relatively easy to hit. Engage in 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on 5 or more days per week. According to the CDC (statistics based on US population), only 51.7% of adults meet these guidelines, and only 21.7% of adults engage in both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities.

Our dependency on technology for our food, jobs, and entertainment has led to a hugely sedentary society. Again, I’m not saying we should pitch all our awesome gadgets in the fire and live as the Amish do (I’d really miss my flat screen TV). What I am saying is let’s all make an effort to try and scale back the excessive technology usage and get more active. You’ll start looking better physically, feeling better mentally and physically, and having a lot more fun with life in general.


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