Chapluk Performance: Find Your Role Model

Who is your hero?

Do you have one? Do you have someone you look up to, who pushes you day in and day out? You don’t have to know them personally. Just a person who makes you sit back and think “holy crap, I want to have a life like theirs!”.


If you do have one, good. If not, find one. Someone that inspires you and inspires action towards the life you ultimately desire. It is a great thing to have someone to look up to, emulate, and try and chase down. It pushes you to the next level and on days you feel yourself slacking, it’s pretty easy to say “would they do the work today or would they roll over and go back to sleep?”


We all have dreams and big aspirations in life. They (of course) aren’t all the same, but the same remains true for each one of us. It’s going to be a lot easier to chase those dreams if you have someone who has done similar pushing you on a daily basis.


In case you are looking for some inspiration, my biggest role model is Andy Frisella, CEO of 1stPhorm. The dude kicks ass on a daily basis, 365 days a year. If you don’t know what he’s all about, check out his podcast, “The MFCEO Project”.


Stay disciplined and keep kicking ass.




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