Chapluk Performance: Stop Doing List

I’m writing here today to share with you an important tool I am dedicating myself to use consistently this year. It’s a simple tool, yet effective in that it’ll keep me honest with myself and efficient. It is the “Stop Doing List”. Just as it sounds, this is a list of things that I feel are bad habits I have formed and need to get rid of.

  1. Don’t make excuses for others anymore.
    • If someone flakes on you or keeps pushing shit off, don’t put in the fucking effort. It is not worth your time at that point and if they want to make the effort to fix things, so be it.
  2. Don’t push things off due to financial issues.
    • More money will always come. Don’t limit self-growth/business growth for financial reasons.
  3. Stop trying to change people who don’t want to change. It will not happen.
  4. Stop spreading yourself too thin.
    • You can’t appease everyone. If you don’t think you will have the time to hang out with someone, then fucking don’t commit to it just to make them feel better. Explain the situation.
  5. No more pushing things “to the next day”.
    • Think of the correlation between success and rate of implementation. Every time you say ‘maybe tomorrow’ you lose success.

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