Chapluk Performance: 3 Things to Keep In Mind Heading Into 2018

1. Gratitude

  • Maybe this sounds silly or over done, but I can confidently say (through personal experience) that showing more gratitude on a day to day basis will make you a much happier person. My bedtime ritual is always ended by naming 10 things that I am grateful for, and it’s very rare that I go to sleep in a bad mood ever since adopting this habit. Give it a try; I predict you’ll see some pretty significant changes over time.

2. Discipline

  • This is one that Sierra and I have discussed time and time again. There is nothing more important in long term success than discipline. If you say you are going to do something, then fucking do it. Do it day in and day out until it is ingrained in your very being as a habit. Repeat this process until being effective is a habit; you’re gonna see a hell of a lot more success this year.

3. Extreme Accountability

  • STOP WITH THE FUCKING EXCUSES. STOP SAYING “It’s not my problem”! This kind of attitude is a cancer that spreads through everyone around you. Similarly, if you start taking accountability for everything that happens to you, that attitude will become widespread to those you surround yourself by. I know that accepting responsibility can feel hurtful to your ego, and it can also be frustrating if you are doing it to someone you aren’t a fan of, but it makes a massive difference.
  • I’m the kind of person who is all or nothing, so I have taken to the extreme side of accountability. If I see someone leave a mess, I’m going to go pick it up. Not because I’m gonna rub it in their face or even tell anyone I did it, but because it makes things nicer for everyone else. It’s pretty simple, the more you take accountability for the world around you, the more control over your life you will begin to feel.

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