Keep Flying MVT: 17 Things I Learned in 2017

1. Shut Up and Listen

This is HUGE and it is something we all need to constantly work on. It is natural for everyone to constantly be thinking of a response rather than really hearing what someone is saying. When I started to work on this with myself, I ANNOYED THE SHIT OUT OF MYSELF. Trust me, even though I’ve gotten better at this I’m still catching myself locked and loaded ready to shoot out some B.S. the second the other person is finished talking. Truly listening takes some time to get the hang of but it has such a big impact on relationships, personal and professional.

2. You are the product of the people you surround yourself with.

(see my last blog post : Your Tribe) It is f-ing important.

3. The wise person knows they don’t know shit.

Smart people know they don’t know anything. Dumb people think they know it all. The more I learn and grow the more I realise I don’t know anything. Again, this is where listening comes in. Literally everyone you meet knows something that you don’t. Isn’t that cool to think about? No matter how much you think you know or how intelligent you are there is always something to learn. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face and questions in your brain I don’t know what will.

4. Learn to say no.

“The difference between successful people, and really successful people is really successful people almost always say, ‘no’.” – Warren Buffett

Learn to say no. I know, saying yes feels so good but saying yes to everything that comes your way is recipe for disaster. (Aka: not getting anything done) The funny thing is the more you say no the more time you have to say yes. My advice to you is to say no, processes it, and look for a way to say yes. Don’t say yes and then search for time and energy to make it work.

5. You don’t owe anyone.

You DO NOT owe anyone. You are valuable. Your time is valuable. If someone isn’t giving as much as they are taking they do not deserve your time. To add on that, no one owes you anything. Don’t walk around thinking you are entitled. You get what you give

6. Overworking yourself is just as bad as not working at all.

Trying to work on 10 different things at one time is about as productive as watching 10 hours of Netflix on a Monday. Slow down. Prioritize and execute. (Thanks Jacko)

7. Spending time with yourself is critical.

Spending time with yourself is SO IMPORTANT. Take yourself out to lunch, go one walks, set aside time for YOU. We constantly have people, opinions , and tasks fighting for our attention it’s easy to get distracted. Taking time for yourself ensures that you stay on course. Don’t let you become a stranger to yourself.

8. Mindfulness is major key

Mindfulness is key to living a happy and successful life. With everything we have going on around us it is so easy to become distracted. It is so important to find out how to be present in the moment.

9. Trust timing.

Aggressive patience is a concept that I’ve learned to put to use this year. The majority of the time God or the Universe or whatever higher power you believe in has a different timeline in mind than you do. Getting pissed when something doesn’t happen when you think it should doesn’t do anything but hold you back. Aggressive patience means doing everything in your power to achieve your goal, trust the work you put in, and let the rest happen.

10. Others opinions DO NOT matter

YES others’ perception of you matters. Your reputation matters. But what you decide to do with your life, how you spend your time, what you are passionate about is up to you. If you spend your time and energy worrying about what other people think is best for you you’re never going to feel fulfilled.

11. You can’t make everyone happy.

This goes along with lesson #10. You will never be able to make everyone happy. It’s impossible. Everyone has their own opinions on what your life should look like and if you try and make one person happy you are likely going to piss ten other people off. The best thing you can do is stay true to yourself and the people who matter support you regardless of their vision for your life.

12. Mindset is everything

Your mindset is the only thing standing between you and whatever you want in life. Anything worth having or doing won’t be easy and if you are not mentally tough enough to push past the barriers you will inevitably face while working towards your goal.

13. Vulnerability  = Strength

Nowadays, especially with social media, everyone is just showing their highlight reel. For years I used to think that admitting I was struggling or not ok was weak. In reality holding it in and pretending I was fine showed just how weak I really was. Being vulnerable and transparent is one of the hardest things I have ever done but it is also one of the most liberating feelings in the world.

14. Not every day is good but there is something good in every day

Not every day is going to be perfect and things aren’t always going to go your way but you can find something positive in just about any situation life puts you in, it just depends on how hard you are willing to look.

15. Extreme ownership

Taking EXTREME ownership is another one of those tough but equally rewarding concepts to apply to your life. When you decide to take ownership for everything that happens in your life is when you finally gain total control over how your life pans out. So yes, its hard. But it’s worth it.

16. Motivation is bullshit

Motivation is never there when you need it. Even if you grind it out every time motivation decides to pay you a visit you will still never be close to making it. Finding another fuel for your fire is absolutely necessary.

17. Gratitude is everything

Last but certainly not least, GRATITUDE IS EVERYTHING.

“ If you are grateful for everything you have you will be successful in everything you do.” Conor Mcgregor


Gratitude is so important. When I say it is everything to me I am not exaggerating. There is no way to overstate how important being grateful is. When you are grateful for what you have life seems to throw you things to be grateful for.


2017 has been a year full of growth and learning. 2018 is the year I get to implement these lessons (and of course learn new lessons)


Until next time

Blue skies and tailwinds,

Sierra (AKA Little Miss Gains)

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