Chapluk Performance: New Year, New You??

It’s always the go to cliche; making fun of how many people will say “This year will be different!” and then fail to make any consistent, sustained changes by the time February rolls around. The sad part is, this is far too often the truth. No matter how noble the intentions are, many individuals who want so desperately to improve themselves fail to do so.

Why is this, though? My assertion is that we all try to take on way too much way too fast with no real, reliable timeline for when to expect results. Whether this be making more money, getting in shape, or starting a new diet, most people today expect instantaneous change for their initial efforts.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million more times. We all love to underestimate what can be accomplished in 5 years and over estimate what can be accomplished in 1 year. This principle applies all the same to goals you set over shorter periods of time. The results will come; but only if you have a realistic approach that is BOTH consistent and sustainable. If you cannot commit to the same goal on a consistent basis, it will not come to fruition.

Shoot for the stars and go balls out this year. There is always more room for kick ass people who want to make themselves and others around them better. Just remember, when you set your goals, no matter how lofty (and please do set BIG BOLD GOALS) they may seem, you CAN and WILL get to them with discipline and consistent actions towards them.

Kick some ass and happy holidays in the mean time!


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