Chapluk Performance: ‘Hump Day’ Food for Thought

How seriously do you take your perception on things? Do you value the light in which you perceive the world around you? Or do you think that your perception is entirely irrelevant because the world is just the way it is?

I was the latter until about a year ago. I was not self-aware about my ability to think about the world around me in a different light. You know what that shit did to me? It had me complacent, pessimistic, and pretty miserable. Going through life with no awareness of my mindset led to one thing and one thing only. A shitty mindset that had me miserable.

It some crazy life events that really sparked a desire within myself to change things for the better. I won’t delve into an essay on self development or why I personally did it, but I’ll leave you with a simple, brief thought for today.

If you could think about everything in your life in a more positive light, wouldn’t it make you a much happier person overall? Would you still go in to work this morning (wednesday) and think “well, at least it’s hump day… half way to the weekend”? I think not, a better perception led me to see every single day as an opportunity for new experiences and growth. I gotta tell you, life is a lot more fun in that light!


Keep grinding, stay disciplined.


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