Chapluk Performance: Keep on Keepin’ On

Yesterday was a bit of a big deal for myself. It marked the official return from injury to my regular fitness routine after a couple months of being sidelined with a severe case of bursitis in each elbow. It. Was……. Awful.

Now with that said, don’t take it the wrong way. It feels great to be back on track, making improvements on my health and fitness on a daily basis. The awful part of it comes from the physiology of getting back into resistance training after a few weeks away.

I thought the 4 weeks away wouldn’t be too detrimental to how my body reacted to my lift routine. I thought wrong. Within five lifts, I was dizzy, nauseous, and shaky, but determined to push through. Upon finishing I left a lovely pile of sick in the parking lot then drove home to refuel/ lay down a bit.

Back at it today in a couple hours to keep going with the process; but I have some relevant advice for anyone reading this right now. Don’t get injured. (Kidding, mostly) Sometimes that is unfortunately not in our control, so my real advice is to keep some form of resistance training going while you are waiting for yourself to heal. This will prevent your body from having no clue how to react to the sudden lactic acid buildup from resistance training (like mine did yesterday) and will make the rebuilding process much better than otherwise.

Keep grinding, stay disciplined, and happy holidays,


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