Chapluk Performance: Grit Isn’t Shit Without Discipline


Grit, hustle, putting in the work… these are terms that get used on a day to day basis by people who are trying to make a difference in their own lives for the better. It’s an awesome concept, because we can all be better after each and every day. But, it comes down to that exactly. Day in and day out you have to be consistent with the work. If you just do it when you feel like it, it isn’t going to cut it. Someone out there who wants to get the same shit done as you has the discipline to stay on their grind every single day. They aren’t trying to take on the world on one day when they feel motivated, then taking a few days off because they are tired or not feeling it. It’s all about doing something to advance every single day you have.

The successes I have had recently haven’t been due to those days where I am fired up and ready to go dominate everything I take on. Those help of course, but the vast majority of success has come from just plugging away on a day to day basis. Take things one day at a time and make damn sure that I win the day. This goes especially true for the days I just want to lie in bed and hit the snooze button. The discipline I abide by to drag my ass out of bed and get going is my biggest key.

It has taken years to get myself disciplined and it used to be much harder to push through the desire to be lazy, but with an active focus upon the concept of discipline it has grown easier and built momentum in my life that has steam rolled into greatly increased success.

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