Keep Flying MVT: Get Your Mind Swol

Just like your body needs physical exercise to grow and for overall health, your brain needs to exercise too. Often times people are extremely physically fit but they neglect their mental health and fitness. Your brain is just like every other muscle in your body if you neglect it it will not only become stagnant but start to deteriorate, it’s just not as noticeable.


Even though you may not be able to see your brain actually deteriorating we all have felt that stagnate feeling before. You don’t seem to be progressing in any way. You’re comfortable. That feeling is your brain begging for some activity. Just let it go on a walk or give it a barbell or something. When you’re comfortable your brain is basically laying on the couch, eating a pint of ice cream and watching The Walking Dead. It’s fine for a day or even two but you string it along, get comfortable with being comfortable, your brain becomes a fat fuck that needs a wheelchair to get to the ice cream aisle in the grocery store and runs out of breath grabbing the T.V. remote at 23 years old. That’s a miserable life. So please don’t neglect your brain’s need for exercise just like you don’t neglect your bodies need for physical activity.


You might be asking, “ Well ok Sierra, my brain can’t go do squats how can I possibly exercise my brain?”


Well, thanks for asking, I’ll tell you.


Obviously you can’t do curls or lunges with your brain, but there are a lot of different exercises for your brain. One of the easiest things to do to exercise your brain is reading. Authors that write books worth while have spent years of their lives studying the subjects they write about in order to have all of the knowledge and life experience to fill 300 pages for you to read in a couple weeks. Think about it, let’s say it took three years for a person to study and gather all the information they needed to write a book on the evolution of American cars (it’s just an example make the book what you want)  you picked up the book and read it in a month you just took in all of that information 36x faster than the person that wrote the book. How cool is that?  Another exercise is to do things you’ve never done before and learn to be a great student. It is the most humbling experience and also the most liberating. When you push yourself to the point where you’re uncomfortable is when you will experience the most growth.  


Don’t neglect your brain. Learn something new every day, constantly strive to be better than yesterday, and get really fucking comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Blue skies and tailwinds,

Sierra (AKA: Little Miss Gains)

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