Keep Flying MVT: Cherry Blossom

Its pretty much common knowledge that my favorite flower is a Japanese cherry blossom so I decided to take a second and explain why . . .


So in China they are a symbol of femininity and beauty which is great . . .  I’m a girl.


In Japan they remind people just how short life is. The cherry blossom blooms for like two or three weeks or something like that and then falls off the tree and for those two or three weeks people celebrate it and admire it and know not to take It for granted because it won’t be that pretty again for another year. That is such a cool concept to apply to life. Life is so short and beautiful how come we don’t celebrate that every day like the Japanese celebrate a flower blooming? How come we forget to say we are grateful for just waking up? How come people sit on their ass every day like we have forever here? The thought of dying used to make me sad and scared but as I’ve grown and changed I’m happy nothing is forever that’s half the beauty of it. We can’t ever get complacent or waste time on dwelling over bad situations or trials we’ve been given. Don’t forget to smile because you’re alive. Don’t forget to thank the universe and the big man upstairs for giving you another day because someone else didn’t get one. Don’t forget to stop, put your phone down, breath, and admire how beautiful life is. Call your mom and tell her you love her (you should always do that even if you live with them), appreciate the life you’ve been given, and today try and see the beauty in everything because today is such a blessing.

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