Keep Flying MVT- Learning

One of our core values here at Third Eye Performance is “always be learning”.


“The day you stop learning is the day you start dying” – Einstein


For those of you who don’t know both Ethan (my business partner : co-owner of this badass brand we call Third Eye Performance) and I are currently getting our degrees in Kinesiology and Sports Psychology -go figure- .This semester I decided to take my least favorite science ever, just for fun! Aka: I DON’T NEED TO TAKE BIO-CHEM . . . I digress. I recently came to the conclusion that I have two options

  1. Complain the whole semester about how I don’t understand anything, how I’m way better at physics and how I’m going to have nothing but grey hairs by the end of the semester
  2. I can suck it up. Show up to lecture. Look at extra videos online. Find a way to relate what I’m learning to my interests and #EA$$ this semester.


Now I’m not going to BS you and tell you option number 1 hasn’t been what I’ve been doing the past month and a half because that’s totally how it’s been going, BUT I’ve also come to the conclusion that if I decide to go with option number 2 I am going to be a lot more successful and I might actually gain something from the shit show that is Bio Chem. So I’m deciding to change my strategy for this semester to option number 2 and I suggest you do the same.


Maybe you’re not taking chemistry right now. Maybe you’ve graduated or you didn’t go to school in the first place or you’re not old enough to be in school… who knows. There are lessons to be learned every second of every day it is up to us to pick and choose what lessons we are going to take notes on and which ones we are going to complain about so much we forget to listen. If you stop and genuinely try to figure out what you are learning I can 100% money back guarantee you will be a better, stronger, smarter person after the fact. Figure out a way to enjoy each lesson the day has to present to you and you’ll find yourself growing like crazy.

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