Keep Flying MVT: Gone for a Minute

“I’ve been gone for a minute but I’m back with the jump off” – Lil’ Kim

Hello again! I’m just going to start of by apologizing for the lack of content this past month, I was off my game big time. . . which brings me to the point of this blog post.

For those of you who don’t know me all that well or at all let me give you a little description of myself :

Sierra is a determined, stubborn, ambitious, confident 5 ft tall female that in her head thinks she is as intimidating and powerful as The Rock. ( You are what you perceive yourself to be right??) Okay , so maybe I’m not The Rock but I promise you nothing is going to get in my way if I want something bad enough, yah girl ain’t afraid of nothin’.

If I’m being completely honest I haven’t felt like that girl I described since I started prepping for my last show (so around august) and with time I started to stray further away from who I actually am. I couldn’t push any content out because I was so uninspired, my amazing workouts were few and far between, and my head was totally out of the game. I WAS STAGNANT. Being stagnant, to me, is the worst thing ever and the exact opposite of what I want to be. It finally all punched me straight in the face last week and I realized that these past couple months I have been living for everyone but myself. Working towards other people’s goals for my life and taking 20 different people’s’ opinions as fact. Never once did I stop and ask myself what I wanted out of my life and what would make me happy. No wonder I wasn’t progressing. How did I ever expect to make any progress working towards 20 different things that were nowhere near what I wanted. I woke up stressed and overwhelmed every day just thinking of all the things I had to accomplish.

I call this getting lost in the sauce.

For the first time in months I asked myself what I wanted out of my life and I am proud and excited to say SIERRA IS BACK. I’ve woken up every day since happy and ready to have a productive day ( and the workouts have been ballin’). I took it pretty hard at first since wasting time is my least favorite thing to do but I now realise that this was just a long and hard learning experience. I learned the hard way but am sharing so that hopefully you can dodge the 4 month long lesson I just went through. If I could give you guys any advice it would be to put yourself first. Everyone and their brother is going to have an opinion on how you should be living your life but no one is going to know what is best for you better than yourself. Now I’m not saying shut everyone out but be selective on who you get advice from and even then always check in with yourself first and last. Don’t let you and your vision get lost in everyone else’s opinions of how your life should be.

  • Blue skies and tailwinds,

Sierra ( AKA: Little Miss Gains)

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