Chapluk Performance: Monday Motivation

Excuse our little hiatus from content, but between an injury and school/ work chaos for myself, and a chaotic semester for Sierra (Keep Flying MVT) , we fell a little behind. Adversity is a bitch, but it will find everyone at one point or another. The lesson I’ve learned from these most recent tests is to find the silver lining in the shittiest of situations. Work and school have been kicking my ass, leaving me drained for the past month. Hockey was the one fun escape I could consistently indulge in, until a recent injury. In my last game, I split my elbow down to the bone, igniting a severe case of bursitis and a deep bone contusion. Nothing serious, but enough to keep me away from the game I love for a couple weeks in order to heal. At first, I was livid to be forced to sit out while my second family battled on the ice without me. Every second of practices and games I missed was torture because I felt like I was falling behind and hurting my team. But out of necessity, I took a step back from these negative thoughts and emotions. I wanted to flip the switch, and found the good in a bad situation. I bit of mulling things over and discussing the situation with my coach led me to this: I will be back from this injury in a matter of weeks. When I do, I will be fresh, healthy, and stronger than before. I will also be hungry to play some hockey just out of missing the game. I’m going to come back and be a mid to late season spark plug for my squad and help our cause more than I would otherwise. This temporary pain will ignite further success. In my mind, that’s what life is all about, crush through the inevitable adversity and grow stronger from it. 


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