Chapluk Performance: 3 Things I Do to End a Slump


No matter how efficient, effective, or productive a person is; it is rare to never have a dip in that productivity. Whether it be due to a sense of burnout, exhaustion, or just getting overwhelmed; we all have our occasional slump. Here are the biggest things I do to shake the ineffectiveness and get back to taking action:


  1. Take some time off- If you are in a slump, chances are you have been burning the candle at both ends for a little too long. Your mind probably feels jumbled and overwhelmed. As a result you sleep like shit, and never get truly rested. Whether it is a few hours or a few days, hitting the reset button every once in a while and just taking some personal time is MASSIVELY IMPORTANT. It may seem counterintuitive to being effective and efficient, but have faith, once you get back to the grind with a fully charged set of batteries, you are going to get more done in a day than you would have in a week while exhausted.
  2. Simplify the routine- You might be someone who tries to get 5 billion critical tasks done every day because you want to conquer the world as fast as possible. No more!!! Cut that 5 billion down to 3-5 things you are going to really focus on day in and day out. Once you finish those, if you still have gas in the tank, then do more if you so choose. The 3-5 tasks is key though, because it will enable you to finish everything you set out to do on a given day. With this done, you get a sense of accomplishment and pride that will carry over and build momentum in being effective on a consistent basis, shaking the slump and getting you back to kicking ass and taking names!
  3. Look to sources of inspiration- I don’t mean this as in watch inspirational videos on youtube. While that is great for some things, it isn’t the ideal approach to dig you out of a slump of ineffectiveness. What I meant is look to those you trust and go to for advice and growth. Whether it be a friend, a boss, or even an influencer on media you follow, more often than not if you put yourself out there and explain the situation you are in they will be willing to lend an ear. Don’t ask them to solve all your problems though. That is a bit over the top and will overwhelm them into brushing you off. Just ask a simple, “what do you usually do to get out of a slump”. The effect of this is twofold. One, you will get the weight off your shoulders by verbalizing your problem. You no longer feel alone with this issue. Two, you will often get good advice from a source you trust greatly.


Take your time to flip the switch! Don’t rush the process unless you want to look forward to another burnout/ slump. Just remember, it is a universal feeling but at the end of the day you control your response to the negative situation. Will you learn from it, grow more, and come back stronger than before?

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