Keep Flying MVT: Motivation is Bullshit

“How are you so Motivated?”
“I wish I had your motivation.”
I hear this almost daily. When I order grilled chicken instead of a burger , when I wake up at 6 am to work before I go to work, when I become even more determined to finish my workout than I was before the sleds made me throw-up in the trashcan. My response is always the same . . .
“Its not motivation its dedication.”
I recently came to the conclusion, with the help from a few ted talks and the MFCEO yelling at me one morning, that motivation is a whole lot of BS. The past couple of weeks Ive been in a kind of motivational funk; no amount of motivational speeches or self help books could get my ass to open my computer and start working let alone drive to the gym and get on the stair master. Dedication and HUNGER got me moving every morning.  Dedication to win, hunger for success, and passion is what drives me with or without motivation.
The funny thing about motivation is its never there when you need it. Its always there the night before you start your diet or when things are going great in business or when you’re excited about a new project. Its never there the next morning when pancakes and extra syrup sound like the best thing ever or when your alarm goes off at 5 AM. Motivation is kind of like that friend thats always there when there is a party or an extra concert ticket but goes MIA when your boyfriend cheats on you. I am way past the flakey friend stage but I just recently realized motivation is the exact same thing. So this is me cutting the ties with my last flakey friend and giving more of my focus to my relationship with the real homies ( Dedication, Passion, and Hunger). After focusing on them the past couple of days rather than waiting for Motivation to text  yah girl back I’ve come to realize that they are down to party just as much as the flakey friend because I’m all fired up and ready to #EA$$ ( if you don’t know what that means you’ll learn soon enough) and when the party is over they will be there to drive me home.


Now don’t get me wrong I love me some Les Brown and Tony Robbins but when the motivation isn’t there you’ve got to learn to do it anyways. Rely on motivation as much as you rely on your concert friend and don’t forget to take the real squad.
Until next time, blue skies and tail winds.

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