Chapluk Performance 1: Get Gritty

Popular belief today, especially among my generation, seems to be that things should come easy. The millennial generation within the realm of pop culture has been purveyed as entitled, thin skinned, and obsessed with the notion that everyone DESERVES to succeed. Let’s get real for a second here though; success is earned, not handed out like Halloween candy. 90% of the people you see at the top of the world were not given their success overnight. There is no magical being who goes around handing out success left and right. You know how you get there? Hard fucking work.

I am no millionaire business guru, I am not a famous influencer, and I am definitely not a professional athlete. But guess what? I’m in the process of getting to where I want to be through constant self-improvement. I will be entirely transparent and candid in saying that I am nowhere near having all the answers. No one knows it all, and I am just getting started on this journey of self-improvement and entrepreneurship, but I can tell you with 100% confidence that it is the most rewarding process I have ever undergone to say the very least.

As I have just gotten started within the last 6 months, I still have my off days where I am nowhere near as productive as I would like to be. There will be days where I will sit at my desk, looking at my powerlist with nothing but dread for all the things I need to do. Hell, I’ll be honest in saying that there are still days where that dread overpowers my desire to push through all the tasks of the day. That in itself has begun to teach me a lesson though; sometimes you learn from the losses more than the wins. After a loss, it forces you to take a look in the mirror and ask why you just couldn’t get it done that day. More often than not, you get a resolute answer. For me lately, that answer has been that I get complacent from time to time without immediate results.

Back to the generational talk, the millennial generation has been raised on the premise of immediate results, hence why it is a problem I still have today. With the growth of technology which offers that instantaneous gratification, we have gotten accustomed to earning a sense of accomplishment without the hard work that should come beforehand. Through outlets like social media and videogames, we get an immediate pat on the back anytime the smallest accomplishment goes well, programming ourselves to look for easy gratification.

Now again, I don’t have all the answers, but in diagnosing my problem at its foundation, I am able to combat the issue much better. Any time I think of slacking off, I think about the concept of delayed gratification. Yes, the hard work sucks right now, but it is going to make the future all that much better. Even just within the past 6 months, I can already confidently tell you that that mindset has changed my life for the better in many ways. Physically, financially, and mentally, I am better off than I ever have been before, and yet still remain hungry as ever for more.

To wrap it all up with a neat little bow, what I am saying is simple. If you are a millennial or close to it, don’t succumb to the pop culture notions of our generation. Don’t fall in line with your peers and begin to expect handouts and free success out of entitlement. Take responsibility for your own fate, and grind it out, day by day, until you can’t be beat.


-Ethan Chapluk

Chapluk Performance

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