Keep Flying

I keep going back and forth trying to figure out how to go about introducing this. I was going to start off telling you about who I am and what my story is but that’s not what this is about. With that being said, you can expect to hear a lot of peoples stories including mine own. When I say “Keep Flying” I don’t just mean it in a literal sense. Whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re passionate about… KEEP DOING THAT. No matter how strong the head wind or how crazy the crosswind. Hell you’re engine could quit; pick up the pieces, grab some duct tape, and figure it out. Okay, maybe just get the insurance to write you a check but you get the point. If just one of my clients or someone that follows my story and this crazy adventure I call my life decides to push through whatever set backs they’ve run into, to do what they love (even if it scares the shit out of them)  then the time and effort I put into this will be justified. Until next time, blue skies and tailwinds.

~ Sierra (AKA Little Miss Gains)

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