Founded in 2017 by Ethan Chapluk and Sierra Lund, Third Eye Performance seeks to serve as the catalyst for clients to make significant changes in their lives. From fitness to mentality coaching, helping others is our passion. This passion drives each of us to stay on the cutting edge of our field, and continually advance.

What is Third Eye Performance?

Third Eye Performance is the culmination of two passionate individuals coming together to make a large difference in the lives of individuals and teams alike.

At this point, Third Eye is comprised of two different divisions. First, Keep Flying MVT is headed by Sierra Lund. This branch of the company focuses on personal development across all aspects of life. Whether your needs are mindset based, physical, or nutritional, Sierra has you covered with entirely personalized, hands-on training services.

The second division of Third Eye Performance is Chapluk Performance, headed by Ethan Chapluk. Ethan is an athlete with nearly 17 years of playing experience. Inspired by his passion for sport, Chapluk Performance is focused on finding specific, long-term solutions to the problems a client has or the goals they want to reach.

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